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What a find! Perfect pants. But wait:  you also have to wear a smaller size than usual.  I bought my first pair today. Won't be my last. I am a convert.  -Marilyn M. , NYC


Estelle and Finn's pants are the best.  It's all I wear because nothing fits better.  I love this season's colors, cut and fabrics.--

-Diane L.


I am very happy with my purchases from yesterday. I always love your clothing and get many compliments. I want to thank you for all your help in my selections and finding me items.  Now I need to go through my closet and give some bigger items away which are in perfect condition.  It is always nice to have new pants and I love my black jacket also. You both make shopping at Estelle and Finn a good experience. I will look forward to receiving my black pants . ~Patti A.


I just purchased some pieces from Estelle and Finn.  A special thanks for the expert advice, help and patience in assisting me select styles that would look well on me - This shopping experience has  broad selection of pants, skirts and jackets - something for every working woman.    Sincerely, Harriet K.


New York City is a huge clothing market, offering variety and many opportunities for choice. Yet, I always return to Estelle and Finn, where I consistently find clothes that have flair, excellent fabrics, and a perfect balance of hip-ness and tradition. -Brigitte M.


I just discovered your wonderful clothing line!  I have been looking for a line with the quality ,style and  fit that I can count on. Yours are great clothes for work-the suits fit and look great and a mature figure like mine looks good in most everything I tried. I ended up buying a suit with a coat, a sports jacket and pants and an extra pair of black knit pants which everyone could use. For the past three days, I have gone to work in one of my new outfits and I feel great in each. I am so lucky to have discovered you! Thank you so much! Best, Margie H

I LOVE your pants and have lived in them for years. I love the material that does not wrinkle and I have the small slit side shorter pants as well as some longer pants. I have several colors from this spring and some of the other fabric pants. But, I am begging for that same material in a longer version. I like the pant to come to my shoes in the fall and early winter. If we have a warmer winter, I can still wear the longer pant, but I do not wear the shorter length at ankle. I have turned many on to your pants. Thank you, Faye J.

I love these pants and want to get more !!! I called the store you suggested (in my area) and they only had white and said they would order me more. I guess she can't order more because it's mid season. Can you give me the names of some other stores that carry them ? That way, I can call and see what they have in stock. I don't care where the store is...Thanks and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed ! Lisa M.  :-)

Hi, there! I was wondering if you have a picture of your blue plaid wool jacket for your Fall collection. I have ordered the mustard plaid, but am still contemplating the blue one. which I tried on and loved. Love your clothes. Have built a wardrobe around your pieces. Thanks, Jessica B.


Where can I buy more pieces from your line. I just bought my first piece of ponte straight leg and want more. I love the coverage it gives. I would appreciate where else you sell in new jersey, phila, north jersey or ny Thank you! Michele K.

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